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Chapter II

The orchestra begins working (again) with younger, unknown musicians, while a core of old members remains. Klaus Dickbauer, Florian Bramböck Thomas Alkier, Joseph Bowie and Alexandra Naumann join the band. European tour with concerts in Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, Czechoslovakia, Germany and Austria. Lighting effects are added for the first time. The band has fun again and plays "full power". Other tours feature the programs "Fe& Males" (televised in Vienna and Leverkusen) and "lieber ein saxophon" with Ernst Jandl.

No break with the traditions of the orchestra and yet, they are audibly refreshed. (Weltwoche, Zürich)

Favorite subject of discussion: Tax law.

Program Folder


Mozart’s Balls

VAO takes one year off as a jazz orchestra from touring. Rüegg is invited by Switzerland to write a program for the specially-created Swiss Art Orchestra, in which nearly all mayor Swiss jazz musicians participate. Production with the BBC of a 30-minute music film entitled "N_t M_zart," which is picked up by several European TV stations. In France, a recording session and tour with "Fe & Males".

An energetic life-sign from a band which often, unjustly, has been declared for dead. (Standard, Vienna)

Favorite subject of discussion: The past.

Swiss Art Orchestra