VAO goes on tour to Jerusalem and to festivals in Roma, Catania, Paris, Willisau, Le Mans, Amiens and Angoulême with two dif- ferent programs: " Innocence of Clichés" and "Fe & Males", a staged musical composition in which seven female instrumentalists have encounters with seven male musicians (based on the Seven Tales of the Seven Princesses by the Persian poet Nizami. Musicians include Marilyn Mazur, Hélène Labarrière, Ingrid Jensen and Gabriele Rosenberg). For George Tabori’s "Kreis" the VAO arranges themes from Verdi for "Lovers and Lunatics". After the second tour the VAO loses its regular membership, which for the past 11 years had hardly changed long-standing sucess formula seems to be showing signs of wear.

There’s nothing wrong, after all, if old friends feel a touch of melancholy when they hear these lively they cite themselves and still know so little about the explosive style-busting power that characterizes this orchestra. Even after twelve years. (Die Welt, Hamburg)


Favorite subject of discussion: Divorce.

Innocence of clichés


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Fe & Males

Participation in "Wrap Around the World," Nam June Paik’s TV special for Olympics. Stage music for George Tabori’s "Frauen, Krieg, Lustspiel". VAO produces "Jandl Total" in the Vienna Schauspielhaus. Lisbon Jazz Festival. European tour, including performances in Zagreb, Gerona, Barcelona. Paris, Cologne (TV) and Vienna (TV). Co Streiff plays in the place ofnightride of a lonely saxophone player Wolfgang Puschnig. The orchestra signs a three-year contract with Polygram. After reaping much praise on the occasion of their 10th anniversary and enjoying 10 years of largely positive commentary by the press, the VAO finds its critics splitting into two camps, pro and contra.


Bastarà decir que la VAO es una big band de auténtico jazz contemporáneo, una musica libre, intuitiva e improvisada que desconoce las barreras estillsticas. (El Pais, Madrid)


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Blues for Brahms


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Two little animals

Two European tours. Jazz festivals in Maputo, Mozambique and San Sebastian. In Wels, the VAO musicians appear in all of their various groupings for "An Evening with 7 x Art". Quarterly prize of the German record critics (Vierteljahres-preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik) for "Perpetuum Mobile" Performances of "The Minimalism of Erik Satie" in Milano, Firenze and at the Brucknerhaus, Linz. The Swiss Swing project (art choir plus orchestra) premieres at the Willisau Jazz Festival.

VAO’s dazzling mutations spare the listener the rigid formulas most bands live by.
(Down Beat, Chicago)

Favorite subject of discussion: Repetition.