Premier Orchestre d’Art de Vienne

Vienna Art Orchestra founded by rüegg, Puschnig and Schabata... without intentions, out of pure enjoyment and a little craziness... inspired by the creativity of the Viennese underground. First concert in the Jazz-Gitti Club, Vienna. Street concerts, parties, happenings. Concert for four trees, fire works, the soldier’s book, half-militant children and orchestra.

Favorite subject of discussion: Anarchy.



Jessas na

Multimedia concerts in Vienna with 22 performing artists including two writers (Joe Berger, Otto Kobalek), and two dancers. Performance at the first Saalfelden Jazz Festival with a local 45 piece brass band. During the first tour, the band is torn apart by disagreements and breaks up before finishing the tour. Recording of the single "Jessas na" (re-issued in 1992).

Through some changes in its membership, the very promising, and perhaps slightly chaotic spontaneity of this young ensemble has mellowed...(Salzburger Nachrichten)

Favorite subject of discussion: Love.

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