Premier Orchestre d’Art de Vienne

Vienna Art Orchestra founded by rüegg, Puschnig and Schabata... without intentions, out of pure enjoyment and a little craziness... inspired by the creativity of the Viennese underground. First concert in the Jazz-Gitti Club, Vienna. Street concerts, parties, happenings. Concert for four trees, fire works, the soldier’s book, half-militant children and orchestra.

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Jessas na

Multimedia concerts in Vienna with 22 performing artists including two writers (Joe Berger, Otto Kobalek), and two dancers. Performance at the first Saalfelden Jazz Festival with a local 45 piece brass band. During the first tour, the band is torn apart by disagreements and breaks up before finishing the tour. Recording of the single "Jessas na" (re-issued in 1992).

Through some changes in its membership, the very promising, and perhaps slightly chaotic spontaneity of this young ensemble has mellowed...(Salzburger Nachrichten)

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Tango from Obango

The VAO now has 15 members (Werner Pircher, Harry Pepl, Bumi Fian, Lauren Newton, Roman Schwaller, Herbert Joos, Uli Scherer, Wolfgang Puschnig, Christian Radovan, Heiri Känzig, Harry Sokal, and Wolfgang Resinger, among others) and has finally become more of a serious jazz orchestra. Two short tours in Austria. Recording of first LP "Tango from Obango" , for Extraplatte (which will be re-released on CD in 97).

Given its original and highly musical approach, the Vienna Art Orchestra should also become a big name internationally. (Neue TirolerTageszeitung, Innsbruck)

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