All That Strauss

The Vienna Art Orchestra performs the first New Years Concert in Jazz with the blessings of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in the legendary Sofiensälen which are unfortunately burned down in 2001. All pieces played at the classical New Years Concert are rearranged (in a bar-by-bar version) by mathias rüegg. Guests are: Michel Portal, Wolfgang Puschnig, Rudi Berger and Bertl Mayer. "All that Strauss" is released on TCB and featured on a TV production produced by Swiss and Austrian TV stations (SF DRS / ORF).

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Artistry in Rhythm

The second VAO project of this year features 22 musicians from 9 nations around the star drummer Jojo Mayer, including Patrice Heral (percussion), Adrian Mears (trombone), Ed Partyka (tuba), Wolfgang Muthspiel (guitar), Arkady Shilkloper and Tom Varner (french horn). This European Suite dedicated to fifteen European capitals based on one tempo, is recorded in the course of the European tour by the Swiss television station (SF DRS). A CD under the same name is released by TCB. 

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A Centenary Journey 1900-2000

The third production illustrates a century of jazz from 1900 until 2000 beginning with Rag Time until today’s Grooves. Each decade relates to a specific style. From 1970 on the acoustic rhythm section is replaced by the electric rhythm section by the masterly drummer Thomas Lang. The program is presented in the course of the European tour at the following festivals: JVC Festival Paris, Jazz-no-Jazz Zürich, Sarajevo, Bolzano and Leverkusen. The CD "A centenary journey 1900-2000" is released by the Austrian label QUINTON. In addition, the VAO performs the "Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love" at the Jazz Festival in San Sebastian and at two concerts in Vienna with Joe Zawinul as special guest.

La música de la Vienna Art Orchestra es un canto al hombre y a la vida, a la creatividad y a la memoria, porque muestra todas sus sensaciones, las piensa y disfruta, y, además, las anticipa. (El Mundo)

Favorite subject of discussion: Diana Krall.

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Due to the huge preparations for the 25th anniversary tour in 2002 the VAO performs only one concert in Porto (Portugal) with the program Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love. In August the recording of the ART&FUN CD is made in Vienna.

This music has substance. In performing it, the band reflects joy. Viva Europa! (JazzTimes)

Favorite subject of discussion: how to play live in the studio.



Art & Fun

25th anniversary tour: VAO performs during three tours (spring, summer & fall) the new program ART&FUN.25, which is played with a twenty-member international line-up including 2 rhythm sections. A Centenary Journey 1900-2000 as well as Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love are also played on tour. The orchestra plays 59 concerts in 14 different countries (including Canada). Appearances at North Sea Festival, Umbria Jazz, Vancouver Jazzfestival, Montréal Jazz, Nattjazz Festival, Paris Jazzfestival, Jazz Sous les Pommiers, Moers Festival, Moscow Festival, Vilnius Mama Jazzfestival, Jazzfestival Schaffhausen among others.  Travel distance goes up to 59.400 km during the three tours.
The ART&FUN CD is released by EMARCY/Universal Music. The spanish magazine Cuadernos de Jazz selects the Art&Fun recording as the best of the year 2002. Jahrespreis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik (Prize of the year of the German record critics) for "A Centenary Journey 1900-2000".

Montreal Jazzfestival... on stage was Austria’s Vienna Art Orchestra, mathias rüegg’s zany, unconventional big band that uses almost every instrument imaginable (including a didgeridoo ... what kind of big band uses a didgeridoo?), to create a hilarious, sometimes swinging, sometimes way out sonic palette. The show was spectacular. (Down Beat)

Favorite subject of discussion: dynamics.

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The Vienna art Orchestra provided live music for the special multi-media show celebrating the 750th anniversary of the city of St.Gallen (CH). mathias rüegg composed all the music for this stunning event, witnessed by over 5000 people at its performance in April. The VAO recorded music for the sound installation in “Loisium”, a mysterious underground wine world in Langenlois (A). The music was composed by mathias rüegg and the CD is only available at “Loisium”. In June the band performed for three nights at the “Jazzfest Wien” and recorded a live CD for Universal Records: “Duke Ellington´s Sound of Love Vol. II”. The band took Duke Ellington´s Sound of Love and Art & Fun on tour in the fall through Germany, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Croatia and Austria and ended the year with the traditional performance of All That Strauss on New Years Eve in Porgy & Bess, back home in Vienna.

2003 was a very successful year for the VAO, performing for sold-out houses across Europe and garnering critical acclaim from the european press. In addition, American jazz bible Down Beat featured the VAO and mathias rüegg in it’s April issue with an article celebrating the band’s 25th anniversary and mathia’s 50th birthday.
Gott hockt im Detail (wie der Teufel auch), und wer ihn dort sucht, wird ihn auch finden. Die Wüste lebt, "Caravan" zieht weiter. Selbst diesen alten Hut setzen sich Rüegg und Co. derart schräg auf, dass er sich ausnimmt wie der letzte Schrei. (Weltwoche)

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Big Band Poesie

This new program by mathias rüegg contains thirteen new compositions with titles that are actually quotes from various famous big band leaders; ones which shed light on important aspects of their work or life philosophies. The contents of these highly pertinent and sometimes contradictory statements serve as the inspiration and point of departure for these new pieces, which -- in its 28th year -- the Vienna Art Orchestra will be presenting in its tours of Europe and South America. The VAO’s acoustic big band line-up, which has hardly changed since 1999 and therefore sounds remarkably homogenous, will be supported by guitarist, "sound -whiz" and electronics specialist Martin Koller, who previously brought his talents to the VAO’s Art & Fun (2002) Remix CD. Each of the thirteen compositions is also enriched by other specifically-introduced, simultaneously-played elements from today’s electronic music (grooves, sounds, noises...), whereby the band’s Brazilian guitarist Alegre Corrêa handles the percussion instead of his usual guitar. As a result, the VAO’s now virtually "classical" sound develops new colors and the soloists -- who, as always, stand in the center point -- are challenged to reach new heights. All of this takes place in a very poetic way... And as always, with optimal sound design and visual support. 

Concerts & festivals in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Brasil, Germany, Switzerland & Austria.

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